Ventana Global - Global Access, Building Value
Ventana Global - Global Access, Building Value

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By combining the energy and excitement of an entrepreneur with the know-how and know-who of a seasoned cross-border venture firm, Ventana does more than simply invest in companies.

We help manage outcomes.


Cross-Border Investment Funds


Advances in communications and technology have created a progressive world made up of competitive global markets economically powered by knowledge and innovation.  VENTANA’s specialized team has the expertise and international network to successfully execute Cross-border investing that will open access to markets abroad but promotes growth by encouraging the transfer of technology between countries.


VENTANA’s cross-border funds, hosted in the United States have “boots on the ground” in both the US and its reciprocal country. Both global teams work together to identify strategic cross-border investment opportunities that will provide direct technology, jobs and economic benefits to both countries through global growth.


VENTANA’s cross-border funds provide a win-win-win solution for both the Host Country, the Reciprocal Country and the investee company.  The strategic investments provide a direct means to transfer technology between two countries while optimizing the upside growth of the investee company through global expansion.




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