Ventana Global - Global Access, Building Value
Ventana Global - Global Access, Building Value

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By combining the energy and excitement of an entrepreneur with the know-how and know-who of a seasoned cross-border venture firm, Ventana does more than simply invest in companies.

We help manage outcomes.




VENTANA's ability to identify and nurture breakthrough technology has been one of the strongest contributing factors to producing superior returns for investors. Using a "Product Fit-to-Market" model, every portfolio company must address a genuine market need or identify an altogether new market, which most often must  clearly align with the strategic product "road map" of one or more potential acquirers.

FurthermoreVENTANA must see the potential for a successful exit either via a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) or Initial Public Offering (IPO), focusing the firm on an "Invest to Exit" model. 

VENTANA will make investments within key sectors that address high-growth global markets that are expected to significantly out-perform GDP growth. These include bio-fuels, biopharmaceuticals, broadband infrastructure (wired and wireless), new energy, digital media and telemedicine.

Our specific areas of interest within these sectors are as follows:

   Innovative energy       

  •  New Energy, Transmission, utilization, and StoragE

  • biofuels

  • advanced fuel cells

  • Hydrogen economy technologies

   inormation & communication technology (ICT)

  • broadband infrastructure – wired and wirelesS

  • Digital media infrastructure

  • wireless communications


  • biopharmaceuticals

  • drug R&D tools

  • medical technology – personalized medicine

   Medical Devices



VENTANA also seeks "convergence opportunities" which arise at the intersections or overlaps of these sectors,  particularly at the interface of Biotechnology/Infotech and Biotechnology/Innovative Energy. Our multi-disciplinary investment team is especially well suited to capture such convergence opportunities. We have recruited professionals with depth and experience in both technology and operations across all three of our investment domains.


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