Ventana Global - Global Access, Building Value
Ventana Global - Global Access, Building Value

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By combining the energy and excitement of an entrepreneur with the know-how and know-who of a seasoned cross-border venture firm, Ventana does more than simply invest in companies.

We help manage outcomes.


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VENTANA, steeped in a long, proud history, was one of the first venture capital firms in Southern California.  We pride ourselves on the strength of our team, our investment process, and most importantly, our US and Global acess to key resources.  The VENTANA team is focused on building value in our portfolio companies, and then exiting and finding future attractive investments.

Thomas O. Gephart is the founder of VENTANA.  Through his efforts over 30 years, VENTANA has successfully established a network of global connections in more than 20 countries.  Most of VENTANA's investors are from global sources.  Their high goals are matched by their active efforts to help each other strategically and naturally leverage benefits for all parties.  VENTANA, its investors and strategic partners bring immense resources of know-how and know-who to strengthen cross border relationships.  VENTANA's cross-border mission can be stated simply:


"Using Strategic Growth Capital"

Nations, governments, and their underlying businesses that understand the economic benefits of promoting and attracting Globalization will prosper.  The incentive of attracting technology and innovation drives the business growth that creates jobs, which in turn increases wealth for the people and nation as one.

Enterprises and aspiring nations alike, reap the rewards of accelerated growth through Globalization. Expanding into new markets with new opportunities is necessary to achieve the goal of increasing material wealth, goods, and services.  All can benefit through an international division of labor by efficiencies catalyzed by international relations, specialization and competition.

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