Is Your Storefront Business Missing Out On Your Easiest Customers? Fix The Problem Quickly And Easily:

Is Your Storefront Business Missing Out On Your Easiest Customers? Fix The Problem Quickly And Easily:

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You run a store front business. You’re always on the lookout for simple and immediate ways to get more potential customers though your door – because more walk-ins gives you the best chance of more sales.

If you’re advertising in the local paper, you’re doing business the hard way – and you’re probably spending $20-50 for each new customer. And most other forms of advertising are a serious and slow investment.

Store front businesses should first be targetting those walking or driving by their store – and in many cases this is literally thousands of people every day.

These people are a store front business’ best chance for a quick rise in sales, because they’ve already made it to within a few paces of the door – and all you have to do is reach out and bring them just a few more steps.

Yet most shops do little more than put their business name above their door in the futile hope that this will attract customers. And, sadly, even displaying your goods in the front window does little to really motivate potential customers.

But a bright, attention grabbing banner across the front of your store can create huge interest – and draw in your best sales prospects.

For far less than 100 dollars.

And so a new website aims to make it quicker, cheaper and easier than ever before to woo these ‘easiest all all’ customers through the door of the astute managers’ store front business.

www.custom-outdoor-banners.com has a simple 5-page guide to how you should design your outdoor banner to attract new customers – with links to websites on which to design your banner online, then order by credit card and have it shipped to your door.

The free, 5 page guide covers the basics of choosing your colours, writing your message, and putting it all together in an outdoor banner that really brings people in.

It’s the guide to boosting business that every store front owner should read, and it may be the cheapest and most effective advertising that you’ll do this year.

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